It has been a long and bumpy road so far this year on tour. I haven’t updated my blog much because it’s very hard to write about another missed cut. I’ve worked so hard to get here and I’ve been a little disappointed. Several people have asked, what is happening? I wish I could pinpoint a swing flaw or something I’m doing wrong each week, but frankly, I’ve just made silly mistakes that I used to never make on the Symetra tour.
                      Hawaiian Sunsets
Tourists in San Francisco!
I’ve short-sided myself by giving myself impossible up and downs. I’ve hit it in spots that are hard to recover from and I haven’t made the clutch putts when I needed them the most. More than half of my events, I have had a chance to make the cut with needing a birdie or two down the home stretch but unfortunately, it didn’t happen.
I have never given up in any round and have fought until the last putt fell. I can tell you, this game is more mental than physical and after missing my first few cuts I lost a little confidence. It’s easy to let doubt creep into your mind and question if you are even good enough. But then I remember how much I have sacrificed to get here. How many hours I have spent and extra jobs I have worked to afford to reach my dream. I am one of 144 girls who get to tee it up on the LPGA each week. The top of the top in my sport where thousands would only dream to be. I have earned my spot to play each week and I know I am good enough. Sometimes it just takes longer for it all to click.
My first year on the Symetra Tour, I made 3 cuts and finished 147 on the money list. That year I went to Symetra Q-School and finished 2nd out of 308 girls. The next year I finished 12th on the money list. Maybe history is repeating itself. In my golfing career, I have always started out slow where my back is against the wall, and somehow I have pulled through. I have all the confidence in the world that I can succeed out here on tour.
Napa Valley!
At the Giants/Dodgers game.
It’s been a learning year, traveling to new places, playing new courses every week, getting the first and last tee times in the wave, and traveling on planes every Sunday or Monday…… and, I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I made one cut this year and it was the lowest cut in LPGA history at 4 under. I made it in ease with 2 shots to spare. That let alone confirms that I can do it.

I have 3 events to finish up my first full year and I’m determined that they will be my best. Thank you to those who have kept their faith in me. This journey isn’t easy but with your support, I have kept a positive attitude. Watch for my name on the leaderboard because that’s where I’m striving to be!

 On another note, I have been to some incredible places. I want to share just a few photos of my experiences. I have had an awesome time off the golf course with my husband exploring our country. Hawaii was by far our favorite place and can’t wait to go back! We got to visit with family in Dallas, visit Napa Valley, and even New York City (first time for Travis). We live a very privileged life and I know down the road, we will look back at this year and realize what am awesome experience we got to have.

         Played in my first major as an LPGA member.

Travis and I held two summer camps in our off weeks at our home course, Meadowood Golf and Tennis Club.

  Got to see a great friend from college in Arkansas!

     Family in Dallas.

One Republic concert thanks Meijer Classic!

Love seeing kids at our events!

Got lucky with great seats for Beautiful!                                                                                                     My mom and dad had fun with me in NYC.

Finally got to meet my childhood idol, Karrie Webb!

My clothing sponsor came to watch me at Shoprite!

                Went to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg with tour friends.