The Symetra Tour added a new event in LA this year and it was at a beautiful course called Pacific Palms Resort. One of our main sponsors on tour is Volvik and they hosted this event.

I had awesome host housing in Huntington Beach but with LA traffic it took me about an hour to get to the course so I moved to the course for the weekend. On Wednesday, I helped out with a clinic for Symetra financial clients. It is fun to give back and teach people the basics of golf. Symetra is our biggest sponsor and without them, our tour would not be nearly as successful so it was nice to repay a small favor to them. I was very thankful to move to the course for the weekend because LA got the worse weather they have had in years. I started my first round at 7:30 on Friday morning and played in tropical storm like conditions. I only played a hole and a half before the called play for the day. We couldn’t restart until 9:15 the next morning and we still had rain and wind throughout the day. I struggled with a new driver I recently put in my bag and it showed in my scores. Since it was so wet, they couldn’t mow the rough so it was nearly impossible to hit a solid shot onto the green. I was lucky and got my round in before lightning. They didn’t finish the first round until Sunday at 12:30. Crazy! I ended up having to play the 2nd and therefore final round on Monday morning, delaying my trip by a day. I struggled again and missed making money by one shot. It was just not my week, but I’m taking the positives from these past two weeks and going to make a few adjustments for the next events in Florida. It’s good to know my bad days on the course are getting lower.

Hollywood HillsI stayed with one of my husband’s childhood friends near Beverly Hills on Monday and he had spectacular views! I got to watch the 2nd episode of Big Break Florida and I’m through onto the next week! I’ve come close to winning the $2500 from Macanudo twice now but just missed out by a few inches from Sadena. She is a clutch player and pushed me to hit good shots on those episodes!


I am so excited I finally get to watch the show with family next week 🙂 hope you tune in!