Los Angeles- The Rain Delay

The Symetra Tour added a new event in LA this year and it was at a beautiful course called Pacific Palms Resort. One of our main sponsors on tour is Volvik and they hosted this event.

I had awesome host housing in Huntington Beach but with LA traffic it took me about an hour to get […]

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Los Angeles

My first ACE was recorded by The Golf Channel for the first show of Big Break Florida!

This week the tour featured me. What a nice article.

February 26 2014, Ward Clayton

Jackie  Stoelting was driving from Mesa, AZ, to Los Angeles on Monday, moving from one  Symetra Tour event to another on what could become an impactful […]

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Phoenix, Arizona

The 2014 Symetra tour season is started! It seemed like a short off season but that could because I was busy with filming the Big Break, q-school, and trying to Monday qualify for the first LPGA event in January. I had a few off weeks in December to enjoy the holidays with family but then […]

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Big Break Pics

Big Break Florida Mondays at 9:00p.m.

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Big Break Florida

Jackie’s Tempo Drill:


The Turning Point of Episode 6:

Hot Shots from the sixth show…

The sixth show…..again, it was exciting!

The Fifth Episode:

The third episode was nerve wracking.

Here is the second episode. One Down.

​Check out the first episode. ACE!

Check out the behind the scenes video:

Behind the Scenes


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U.S. Open

Jackie competed and made the cut at the U.S. Open at Sebonack in South Hampton, N.Y.


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Travis and Jackie Stoelting

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