Travis and I posing
Our view, just spectacular!
Demi Runas and I played a practice round together.


I was so excited to get to the Bahamas to play in the Pure Silk Bahamas Classic. I really like the golf course and staying at Atlantis isn’t all too bad either. I figured something out with my swing during the week as I didn’t hit it as solid in Ocala. I felt really confident going into Thursday. As a new player, you get “B” times until the reshuffle. In other words, you are in the first few groups in the wave or in the last few groups teeing off. I drew the last tee time and there was rain forecasted to come in before I even teed off. We got in 6 holes before tropical storm like weather came in. I was 1 under and was really eager to get back out to the course to finish my round. Unfortunately, it rained so hard that the course was unplayable. The next morning, we woke up to howling winds. It was a constant 25mph winds with gusts up to 40mph. I had to play 30 holes in those conditions.

Not only was that difficult, the course was set up for winds from the other direction from the previous day. Sometimes, I had to hit a 6 iron where I would normally hit a 9 iron. I had to hit a 3 wood into a narrow par 3 where I could have hit an iron the day before. I stayed mentally tough though and finished my first round at even with 18 more to play. Playing 30 holes in one day is already tiring, but in that strong of wind, it was exhausting. Not to mention, we played in about 5 and a half hours. I was doing okay through my next 7 holes until I had several holes into the wind and my ball got caught up and I put myself in some tough positions to get it up and down.

After a brutal day starting in the dark and ended still on the golf course watching the sunset, I found myself with another missed cut and another learning experience. I learned that I needed to get a better punch shot that doesn’t turn over with the wind. I need to learn a punch shot that I can control the trajectory. Missing a cut is no fun but it makes it better when you are at a place like Atlantis. My in-laws came down for the week so we enjoyed going to the Straw Market and enjoying the amenities at the resort. Pure Silk held some great parties through the week that we also really enjoyed. I can’t wait to go back next year with my improved punch shot! 🙂